The report on the Polyester Staple Fiber Market has been launched by Stratview Research is an all-inclusive report that talks about the market structure and growth in the forecast period of 2022-2027. The report also offers insights into different market segments and other factors affecting the market.

Report Forecast:

The polyester staple fiber market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period.

With the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, the polyester staple fiber market debilitated. The majority of its end-use industries experienced supply chain disruption, cash flow constraints, and production facility shutdowns. As a result, the demand for polyester staple fiber plummeted. However, the rising demand for the product from the textile and home furnishing industries is expected to drive the market recovery and growth in the coming years. In addition, the awareness regarding recycled polyester staple fiber is increasing due to growing environmental concerns.

The market's growth is influenced by a number of factors that have a significant or indirect impact on demand. An overview of such factors can be found in our report, which is derived utilizing SWOT analysis, industry life cycle, and supply chain analysis. Such key information can help market participants and investors identify the low-hanging fruits in the market and establish strategic initiatives to accelerate their growth.

The Cornerstones in the market-

Listed below are the top key players that dominate the Polyester Staple Fiber Market –

  • Toray Industries, Inc.
  • Alpek S.A.B. de C.V.
  • Reliance Industries Limited
  • Bombay Dyeing
  • Barnet Europe W. Barnet GmbH & Co. KG

COVID-19 IMPACT on the Market-

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced almost all the industries, little or large, dealing in any sector.

The growth curves of Polyester Staple Fiber Market have witnessed enormous ebb and flows in the year 2020. The market scenario and the pace of growth have taken a huge turn and have prompted numerous adjustments in the cycles. 2021 is probably going to be superior to 2020 for the Polyester Staple Fiber Market players as the greater part of the organizations have continued their activities and the interest is getting re-established for them.

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Polyester Staple Fiber Market Segmentation:

The report segments based upon demographics, geographics, benefits and volume etc, has different leading factors and identifies the most-attractive segments and sub-segments. The market segmentation will not only help marketers to be more efficient in terms of time, money and other resources but also allows companies to learn about their target audience so that they can tailor campaigns that leads a roadmap to success.

The Polyester Staple Fiber Market is segmented into the following categories.

Based on the product type,

The market is bifurcated into solid and hollow. Solid polyester staple fiber is expected to be the larger segment during the forecast period. This growth is attributable to the rapidly growing textile industry in emerging economies. The hollow polyester staple fiber segment, on the other hand, is expected to register significant growth over the forecast period. It is popularly employed in the construction industry for diverse applications.

Based on the origin type,

The market is segmented as virgin, blended, and recycled. Among these origin types, the virgin fiber segment is expected to capture the major share of the polyester staple fiber market during the forecast period. Virgin fiber is comparatively expensive and hygienic than other types of polyester staple fiber derived from various origins. The fiber consists of PTA & MEG or PET chips and given its premium quality, has a wide range of usage in textile and home furnishing applications.

In terms of regions, 

Asia-Pacific is expected to remain the largest market for polyester staple fiber over the forecast period. The growth is attributable to the increase in demand for the product from various applications in apparel, automotive, and home furnishing from countries such as China, India, and South Korea, paired with increasing population, changing lifestyles, economic growth, and rising per capita income. Also, North America and Europe are expected to register significant growth during the forecast period, owing to the growing pharmaceutical, FMCG and automotive industries in these regions.

Report Customization Options

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